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            ADD:NO.2 Nanzhou Road,Minghuang industrial Park,Wujin District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China




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              Changzhou Glass Glass Machinery and equipment Co.,Ltd. is a company with its own design, development, processing, manufacturing, installation and perfect after-sale service of glass deep-processing enterprises.

              The company mainly produces glass washing machine, laminated glass production line and bending furnace series, mainly:8-15m / min high speed LOW-E glass washing machine, LOW-E glass washing machine, architectural glass and industrial glass washing machine, walking sucker machine, combined machine glass, glass conveyors, electric PVB film frame, glass roller press machine, dual-bending roller press machine, glass autoclave, PLC bending furnace, computer-controlled bending furnace.

              Cable companies to provide customers with mezzanine floor plan and autoclave pit diagram, install ation guide, to provide technical training and autoclave autoclave fire protection technology.

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